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Dance, an art form long disallowed in the church, is returning in the form of choreographed liturgy. Worship is redeeming this art form of the use of the body. Charismatic churches have championed its renewal… dance in worship is gradually being understood as a movement of praise, a means of setting the body free to worship God.

Art has the power to reach the emotions are nothing else. When words are used creatively, using poetry or story people’s emotions will begin to respond. Nevertheless, when verbal expressions of worship speak more to the rational mind than to the heart, emotions are not engaged. The use of the arts is not emotional manipulation but an intentional effort to encompass the full range of biblical worship.

God taught his people wandering in the wilderness to worship him with a full range of artistic expression. They decorated the tabernacle with beautiful artistic ornamentation. God called two artistic leaders to empower all with creative gifts to participate in the creation of the tabernacle. God calls pastors and leaders today to affirm the creative gifts he has placed within his followers today. Leaders in the future will intentionally and effectively create space and opportunity for the creative arts gifts in community, allowing and encouraging artists to become all that God desires for them. Just as communities of faith have encouraged and empowered people with musical abilities, those with other artistic gifts are waiting to be unleashed to serve God. Through the arts in worship, we will discover many ways to engage people’s heart and souls through experiential worship.

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August 2020