• to actively take great risks with God (doing what he calls us to do, by and in faith; letting go of our comfort theologies and structures )
  • to nurture a missional dna: the ‘missio dei’ (mission of God), not the mission of church – joining with God on God’s mission in God’s world. We discover what God is doing in our community and join Him in that work.
  • to be visible, vulnerable, open, honest and exposed (incarnate with Christ in culture, in heartfelt love for people and community)
  • to be creative and dynamic (creating with Christ, in worship, theology, and community). To reflect God’s image in all relationships as co-creators.
  • to think and act globally & locally (recognizing both our insignificance and our significance – the majesty and the intimacy of God)
  • to live in both/and living… as broken people in a broken world AND as people who are the body of Christ. We move, live and have our being with his power and authority.
  • to be servants of shalom – recreating, restoring and redeeming the world with Christ. To be a community of peace and hospitality. To challenge oppression and injustice and seek God’s freedom from darkness and fear.