For the past nearly 15 years, Rev. Cynthia Watke has facilitating bilingual (English and Spanish) workshops and seminars to guide Christian clergy and lay leaders in leadership and teamwork training, small group ministry development, evangelism, worship, and personal relationships. She has also led spiritual formation and healing prayer retreats.

Spiritual Formation Workshops / Retreats / Seminars:
  • Spiritual Formation through Prayer
  • Spiritual Formation through Spiritual Disciplines
  • Spiritual Formation through Restored Relationships
  • Spiritual Formation through Spiritual Friendships
  • Spiritual Formation through Spiritual Direction
  • Spiritual Healing: ReClaimed by God
Discipleship Workshops / Retreats / Seminars:
  • Healthy Small Groups
  • Developing a Small Group Ministry
  • Life Transformation through Small Groups
  • Evangelism: Sharing Christ through small groups
  • Organic church development
  • Multiplication of disciples and leaders; biblical teamwork
Other Workshops /Seminars:
  • Non-Hispanic Churches in ministry to Hispanic/Latino population
  • Who is in my neighborhood? how to analyze your community and mobilize God’s people to reach the lost
  • APEPT (Apostle / Prophet / Evangelist / Pastor / Teacher ):
  • Learn about your spiritual gifting and how it fits with other leaders in your ministry
  • Best Case Practices in Community Outreach Ministries
  • Experiential Worship
What do participants say about the effectiveness of her leadership training?

Rev. Cynthia Watke graced us with her Christ-like presence and teaching at a Module I training event a couple years ago. She is an exceptional leader and speaker in both Spanish and English to forward the kingdom of God. Using her many God-given talents she sees how to reach the people with whom she is sharing Jesus. The light of Christ shines through Cynthia who is a willng vessel for Him to reach others. My husband and I agreed that we learned the most from her because of her gentle and firm manner which sought our understanding. She is knowledgeable, organized, thoughtful, cares about people, and seeks to witness to her faith in Jesus Christ.

–Rev. Donna and Phil Coty, Florida

From 2007 to 2009, Cynthia was hired by the Alabama-West Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, as the trainer/facilitator of 4 different workshops, 40 hours each, to prepare pastors and lay speakers to plant new congregations/develop existing ones.

Cynthia’s skills are very rare to find – she’s got great technological skills, she’s very entertaining and she possesses excellent teaching skills. In the evaluations, Cynthia scored all 9s &10s, the scale being one to ten in our evaluations. Since her evaluations were so good, we kept retaining Cynthia’s services for four different workshops in a period of two years and a half. She’s also talented in music and her voice is angelical. This is also very unique to find: to have all these tremendous gifts in one person. She has a very outgoing and open attitude and people fall for her instantly, that’s why they learn.

Cynthia is a team player and knows how to motivate the team. She’s a very trustworthy individual, a strong believer in God. Also, Cynthia is truly bi-lingual in Spanish and English and I can vouch for her ability to speak, write and read at the level of a native speaker because I am a native of Uruguay, South America where the official language is Spanish.

— Martha Rovira, Coordinator for Hispanic/Latino Ministries, AL/WFL Conference, UMC