The DNA of Breathing | Space Organic Church – three elements in relationship

  • Divine Truth… Christians are on a pilgrimage with the living God in His world. We desire to find the “thin place” spaces of encounter with God in order to walk with God as Abraham did. Thus we hope to mature in a fuller relationship with God and one another each day, learning from the truth of God’s Word, the Bible.
  • Nurturing Relationships – We desire to live in true community, warts and all. To  be honest and accountable to each other. At all times we seek to know God more deeply and to give God all that we are in response to all God has done and is doing for us.
  • Apostolic Mission – We are committed to join God in his mission, as His representatives. That mission is to share the life of Christ with others, fulfilling the prime directive, the Great Commission. Our lives are all about relationships with one another, with others and with God, who is a relational God. “As the Father has sent me, so send I you.” (John 20:21)
  1. Mission is an attribute of God, not just an activity of the church.
  2. Mission is shalom: reconciliation with God made possible by the death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ.
  3. Mission is restoration of community; reversal of oppression and injustice; bringing and being the good news to the poor and sacrificial hospitality
  4. Mission is sharing our stories; speaking and being the good news of life through and with Jesus; helping those who are seeking for God;
  5. Mission is environmental responsibility;
  6. Mission to hold in tension the three elements of our DNA on our individual journeys and together as a community.