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Sometimes we Christians have a problem feeling like we are truly loving the Lord with all our being. At times we wander from the path of righteousness, we choose a direction that leads away from the Lord. When we come to our senses and we recognize that we have distanced ourselves from God through our sinful choices, we come back to Him in repentance and contrition. After receiving His forgiveness, we often continue to punish ourselves, not realizing that God’s love and mercy has already covered our sin and that He has buried it in the depths of the sea, it is as far as east is from west… in other words, it’s gone!

We look at the lives of great Christians, such as Billy Graham, Mother Teresa, our church leaders and we say to ourselves, “I cannot ever measure up. I will never be able to love and serve God like that.” All of this self-judgment, this comparison, is only negative and damaging to our relationship to the Lord. His grace, mercy and love is extended to us through the sacrifice and blood of the Lord Jesus, but we don’t accept it.

Francois de Fenelon (1651 – 1715) assures us that God doesn’t measure the amount of love we have for Him, but that His love for us is measureless. He does look at whether we are heading toward Him or away from Him; whether our heart’s desire is toward Him or toward things of the world.

Remain in peace; the fervor of devotion does not depend upon yourself; all that lies in your power is the direction of your will. Give that up to God without reservation. The important question is not how much you enjoy the practice of your faith (religion),but whether you will whatever God wills.

Humbly confess your faults. Be detached from the world and abandoned to God. Love Him more than yourself and His glory more than your life. The least you can do is to desire and ask for such a love. God will then love you and put His peace in your heart.

Time spent in prayer is never wasted.

Christian perfection is not the strict, tiring, restrictive thing you suppose; it requires a person to give himself wholeheartedly to GOD. As soon as this has taken place that person will find it easy to do whatever else GOD asks him to do. People who are wholly given over to GOD are always satisfied, for they desire to do only GOD’s will and and they are prepared to do whatever this is.  Francois de Fenelon.

So, again today, I choose to give myself wholeheartedly to the Lord… I desire His will and am prepared to do it. I will be attentive to the voice of the Spirit of God and incline my ear to his thoughts, his direction.



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