Very recently a Christian friend of mine from high school, Gary Lopez, sent me the following message about a family of God in Africa. Please read and pray daily for this family. If you can contribute to the needs of this family, please contact me and I’ll refer you on to Gary.

Vahnjah Moses Sandowas a Liberian student I (Gary) attended Grace College with during the mid 1970’s. He was a close friend.  He & his wife returned to Liberia around 1979 and opened a children’s mission. We all lost track of Vahnjah and I feared for him during the civil wars and other upheavals in Liberia (1989-2003). I’ve prayed and searched for this brother for many years. A month ago I found Vahnjah through his nephew Moses who was on facebook. This was an end to the long search and beginning of a renewed friendship.

The Sandowas’s mission grounds were eventually confiscated and they were forced out losing all their earthly posessions. They moved to Monrovia and found jobs however in 2003 another revolt occured this time in Monrovia ousting president Charles Taylor. They lost all their belongings once again as well as Vahnjah’s job…as did many followingthe revolt.For basic sustenance the Sandowas returned to the interior where Vahnjah must grow rice.

Spiritual changes also occurred during the wars. Most evangelical and similar missions left thecountry. However, other faith groups came in to fill the vacuum created. Through their aid they converted many to create a larger presense in Liberia. This has divided many families including the Sandowas. Vahnjah has remained in his faith standing fast though showing respect for others including family members who left that faith for another.

Vahnjah’s most pressing need is to see his daugher Evyln go to college. She rec’d a full scholarship but the Sandos must come up with another $4000 for travel to and from Hong Kong (where she will study) and incidentals. This must be done by November 5, 2009. She is to leave for Ghana the next day and leave for Hong Kong on Nov. 9th. A fund was set just this morning (Oct. 28) through the Brethren Investment Fund for this specific need. Of course fellow students from that era are now being contacted and asked to pray and give. I have asked BIF if an advance can be made as a loan for what isn’t raised assuring that the $4000 need is met. I’ve offered to sign a promissory note for that difference. Awaiting a reply but I’ll call them tomorrow as well. I suspect that contrib. will continue to come in after the due date decreasing the loan amt. Timing couldn’t be worse in human terms but with God’s it is perfect…though certainly will test my patience which lack of is my own fleshly thorn. But my brother Vahnjah will be my mentor in this as he was when we were students…I’m looking forward to those “lessons” on patience once again. I think lesson one has begun.