“I pray to God-my life a prayer-
And wait for what he’ll say and do.
My life’s on the line before God, my Lord,
Waiting and watchung till morning,
Waiting and watching till morning.
Oh Israel (oh Follower of Jesus Christ),
wait and watch for God-
With God’s arrival comes love,
With God’s arrival comes generous redemption.
From Psalm 31. The Message

Have you ever fallen asleep at night talking to God about a burden, a preoccupation, a grief or a need and upon awaking the next morning, you find that your heart and spirit are still in prayer? You have been waiting. You have been watching. Your life is becoming a prayer.

Hold on to the promise… That with his arrival comes his love and his generous redemption. Let the Spirit of Christ smooth the salve of his grace, love and hope over the wounded places of your life and bring redemption, restoration and newness. Wait on the Lord. Wait on Him til the dawning of the new morning.