this morning i entered His neighborhood in the labyrinth;
i entered with my hands and heart open to the Spirit.
at the first turn, my right foot was drawn
toward the little round circle in the “inbetween” area…
my toe touched and then I moved on.

i continued around the curves, down the long stretches,
turning, hesitating, my spirit reaching on.
moving toward and then away from the center, again–
that little enclosed circle drew me.
my left foot entered it,
and i stood, one foot there, the other still on the path.
something moved in my spirit.

with hope I moved on.
upon arriving at the center, the need to lie on my face that
i have been feeling all week overpowered me.

lying down on my face, feet still on the path, face and body in the center,
i felt my spirit open once again to his Spirit… asking once again
for that incredible filling, for that anointing… and all at once,
in the quiet of his love i realized i was, in a soft breath whisper,
praying in the spirit… prayers rose and fell, ebbed and flowed,
intense, soft, with a touch of tears.
after a long time, i finally sat…
eyes at first closed… hands open, receiving his love.

the journey back began with joy, but then i arrived once again at an
intersection with the little circle… i contemplated it.
did i want to enter it?
why was i so drawn to it, and yet repelled?

i put one foot in, drew it back and then continued on… soon to arrive
once again at the circle. this time i had to enter.

i put both feet close together and stood there…
and the Spirit said,
here i am… with you in the tightest, most circumscribed places and times
of your life… in that long, intense dark winter night you experienced for
so many years…

he took me back there… crying, shaking,
realizing at a new deep level that he was always there…
and looking back at the large center circle, i realized that there i had relived
the day at age 15 when i first encountered filling of the Spirit;
i relived the day when after years of ministry
i once again experienced and encountered
the Spirit when anointed with oil i found myself on my face on the floor with God…

as the deep moment lifted, the memory images receding
i found my feet back on the path,
walking slowly, but with lightness,
until it was time to leave.

may i continue to live and walk in your neighborhood, oh Lord…
in the twists and turns, in the long walks
and in the tiny circles.